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Names of the Yi Jin Jing Qigong Movements/Routines/Sections

Opening Form
Starting Position
Preparation Posture (Qi Shi)

1.  Wei Tuo Presenting the Pestle 1

     General Skanda Holds the Cudgel  (B)
Wei Tuo, or Skanda, the Temple Guardian in Buddhism
Wei Tuo Presents a Club 1  (D)
First form of Wei Tuo Presenting a Pestle, Praying Palm
First Aspect of Wei-to Offering the Pestle  (E)
Folding Hands in Front of Chest
Working at a Mortar  (C)
Salute the Guardians of the Way  (F)
Pounding and Husking Grain  (Daochu Chongliang)  (G) 

2.  Wei Tuo Presenting the Pestle 2  (A)

Wei Tuo Presents a Club 2  (D)
Shoulder Up Evil-Subduing Cudgel  (B)
Raise Arms to Carry an Evil-Banishing Pole
Carrying the Grain with a Shoulder Pole (C)
The Second Aspect of Wei-to  (E)
Shoulder Your Staff   (F)
Shouldering Grain with a Pole  (Biandan Tiaoliang)   (G)

3.  Wei Tuo Presenting the Pestle 3  (A) 

     Prop Heaven with Palms  (B)
Wei Tuo Presents a Club 3  (D)  
     Hold Up the Sky with Both Hands
Winnowing Grains (C)
The Third Aspect of Wei-to  (E)
Reach Up to the Heavens and Root Into the Earth   (F)
Separating the Chaff from the Grain  (Yangfeng Jingliang)  (G)  

4.  Plucking Stars on Each Side  (A)  

     Gather the Big Dipper  (B)
Plucking the Stars to Move the Dipper  (D)
Taking Away a Star and Changing the Dipper for It  (E)
Exchanging Stars
Shifting a Bag of Grain on the Shoulders  (C)
Finding the Constellation Amongst the Stars   (F)
Carrying a Sack of Grain on Your Shoulders (Huanjian Kangliang)

5.  Pulling Nine Cows by Their Tails  (A)   

     Drag Nine Oxen by the Tails  (B)
Pulling Nine Bull’s Tails  (D)
Pulling the Ox Cart
Pulling Nine Oxen’s Tails Backwards  (E)
Pulling Back Nine Bulls by the Tail
Pulling the Ox’s Tail
Piling Up Grain Bags  (C)
Harnessing the Power of Nine Oxen  (F)
Stacking Sacks of Grain (Tuidai Duoliang)   (G) 

6.  Showing Talons and Spreading Wings  (A)    

     Show Claws and Flash Wings  (B)
Extending Claws, Spreading Wings  (D)
Displaying Paw-Style Palms like a White Crane Spreading Its Wings
Pushing Out the Claws and Extending the Wings  (E)
Pulling a Cart  (C)
The Diving Eagle Spreads His Talons  (F)
Pulling and Ox Laden with Grain (Qianniu Laliang)   (G) 

7.  Nine Ghosts Drawing Sabers  (A)    

     Nine Ghosts Unsheathe Their Sabers  (B)
Nine Ghosts Pull Swords  (D)
Tugging a Boat  (C)
Nine Devils Drawing a Dagger  (E)
Nine Demons Draw Their Swords  (F)
Carrying Grain on Your Back  (Beiqian Yunliang)   (G) 

8.  Sinking the Three Bodily Zones  (A)  

    The Body Rises and Falls  (B)
Three Plates Drop to the Ground  (D)
Three Plates Falling on the Floor
Three Plates Falling on the Ground  (E)
Three Dishes Falling on the Ground
The Body Rises and Falls
Lifting a 1000 Kilos
Loading and Unloading the Grain  (C)
Loading and Unloading Bags of Rice  (F)
Unloading Baskets of Grain (Panluo Xieliang)   (G) 

9.  Black Dragon Displaying Its Claws  (A)  

     The Black Dragon Pushes Its Claws  (B)
Green Dragon Extends Claws  (D)
Azure Dragon Stretching Its Claws  (E)
Dragon Showing Claws
Stacking Up the Grain  (C)
The Blue Dragon Holds the Pearl in Her Claws  (F)
Wrapping Straw Mats Around the Grain (Weibao Tunliang)    (G) 

10.  Tiger Springing On Its Prey  (A)     

       The Tiger Pounces on Its Prey  (B)
Crouching Tiger Catches Prey  (D)
Hungry Tiger Pounces on Its Prey
Farmer Searching for Locusts
The Lying Tiger Spring at His Food  (E)
Protecting the Grain  (C)
The Tiger Pounces on Its Prey  (F)
Catching Locusts (Pudi Huliang)   (G) 

11.  Bowing Down in Salutation  (A)      

       Beat Drum and Bend Trunk  (B)
Bending in a Bow  (D)
Deep Bows Before the Buddha
Garnering Grains  (C)
Making a Bow  (E)
Bowing Before the Enlightened Ones  (F)
Gathering the Grain (Quti Jianliang)   (G) 

12.  Swinging the Tail  (A)  

       Shake Head and Wag Tail  (B)
Wagging the Tail  (D, E)
Shake the Head and Wag the Tail
Storing the Grain  (C)
Scooping Up the Grain  (F)
Scooping Up the Grain (Gongshen Shouliang)   (G) 

Closing Form

Introduction of Yi Jing Jing

Da Mo Yi Jin  Xi Sui Gong