Welcome to PJ Vital Health Through Acupuncture and Qigong Exercise

Fed up with pain, i.e neck, shoulder back leg or joint pain?
Suffering from stress and aspire a free mind?
Value health and fit?
Appreciate life and QoL?
Cherish a young body to come back to you?

Why not join PJ Vital Health Through Acupuncture & Qigong Exercise clinic? Where you would have opportunity of experiencing acupuncture to release your body blocked Channels and Collaterals and get rid of pain and stress; you would have opportunity of feeling and experiencing your own ‘qi’ and exercise it. Through practising qigong exercise, your body would balance yin and yang itself; and you would become healthier and stronger and enjoy a longer lifespan and QoL.

What is Qigong Exercise

Qigong exercise is a medical exercise based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is a mind-body practice that improves one’s mental and physical health by integrating postures, movement, breathing techniques, and focused intention. Evidence-based Review (Natural Medicine Journal 2010) verifies the effectiveness of qigong in treatment of chronic medical conditions as well as in self health preservation.

Characters of Qigong Exercise

A process of self health preservation and self-healing
Direct effect on neck, shoulders, back and joints’ pains; Significant functioning improvement of heart, lung and kidney; A clear mind and calmness.
Gentle medical exercise suitable for all groups of people. Different forms meets different conditions.
Safe, easy to learn and practise – complements most western medical treatment or alternative treatment.

About Health Qigong

Health Qigong is a type of exercise which is based on traditional Chinese medicine and meridian theories and designed to improve people’s health and expand lifespan. The purpose of the class is to promote people’s health in the community via playing a good type of exercise together regularly.

The exercise can promote inner organs’ functions, mental relaxation and muscles and joints strengths through increasing body’s Qi’s (life energy) movement,  Its characteristics are:

1) A combination of physical movement, breathing and mindfulness.

2) Visceral organs would get exercised following gentle physical movement, mind focus and deep breathing.

3) It is particularly suitable for people above middle-age due to its movements of being slow and gentle as well as health promotion – self treatment and prevention of diseases.

Health Qigong Class has opened since 8 Mar 2017. It runs on Thursday 530 – 630pm in Fishbourne Centre.

Health Qigong Class has opened since 8 Mar 2017. It runs on Thursday 530 – 630pm in Fishbourne Centre. Everyone is warmly welcome to join in.

The class is a rolling up rather than periodical one.

The fee for attending the class is £8 per session or £20 pay monthly.

Our class is a very lovely group. All our members are very friendly, helpful and closely to each other; and all our members are looking forward to meeting you at the class.

Please feel free to come to the class or email me for any questions.

Where to start

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