See you Thursday

With the part one – warm up session, you will follow me to perform various exercises to animate our body and improve our general health.

Last week, we started to learn Form 1 (Part the Wild Horse Mane) and 2 (White Crane Spreads Its Wings) of Tai Chi Quan 24 Form. This week, we will review the two forms and make sire everyone can perform independently & skillfully.

During the section of rejuvenation, we’ll bring our body back to young and healthy via a various Dao Yin exercises. Please bring a yoga mat if you have or remember

The last section of the class is on a good life kit. I will introduce a simple self-massage for you to have a fast and sweat sleep at night.

Are you interested in it, then attend the class and follow me to practice health Qigong. I look forward to seeing you this Thursday at 5:30 in the Fishbourne Centre.