• Period was v light at first and now fairly large volume but no clots and generally feels healthier. On a pain scale where it was 9 out
    of 10 I would say it is now 3- and only rarelt 4. It is so much less painful.

You are a genius! thank you.


* It is much improved and more comfortable than it’s been in a long time. Thank you. Nikki R

* Thank you so much for yesterday. It was great to meet you and receive your treatment. I woke today with no pain in my hand but have felt very tired all day. My tummy has felt fine with no pain and my shoulders feel quite loose which is great so all good. Helen H

* Just to let you know that I felt slightly off balance after the session but slept really well last night.  I have felt really tired today.  My left ear left some discharge on my pillow this morning which has never happened before so I guess this is good – flushing out!  My shoulder felt much better also. Barbara H

* I have suffered from osteoprosis and osteoarthritis back pain for many years. Using a pain medicated patch and taking co-codamol have interrupted my sleep, memory and bowel actions. I have fed up with this. I was recommended the PJ Vital Health Clinic by my friend, I came to Ping for an alternative treatment. I was told Ping’s acupuncture is different because she is also a Qigong practitioner and instructor. She uses qi-acupuncture during the treatment. I doubted initially. However, after one treatment, 70% of my back pain has left me. Since then, I have reduced the dose of the pain medicated patch from 62mcg a couple of weeks ago to 50mcg now; and I haven’t taken any co-codamol since the treatment. It’s amazing. Ping has definitely magic hands. I strongly recommend Ping’s treatment and I have booked more treatments for eventually stopping my medication.
The Clinic is quiet, tidy and with soothing music. I felt calm and relaxing during the treatment. ” Carol Ayres

* DawnH-97 29 Jun 2017
Amazing! I’ve had one session with Ping & was a little unsure about having acupuncture but I’m so glad I did. My back pain that I’ve suffering from has eased, still a little achy but so much better. Defiantly intend to have a second treatment.

* Thank you so much for your time and expertise this morning. All positive. No pain in my leg since your treatment – first day I have been pain free for a week  … bliss.  Constant pain just wears you down!- Fay de Reya

* Thank you for all the wonderful treatments yesterday.  I am feeling so much more relaxed now and feel I have a new body.  I have been telling all my friends how good I felt after seeing you, so hopefully you will have some new clients come to you. – Fay de Reya

* My left knee has been painful and swollen for many years. I used to have been in sick leave for a while as I was not able to get on my lorry due to the knee problem. Since I’d accepted two courses treatments with PJ Clinic last year, I have returned my lorry for three months now without any trouble. I used to accept acupuncture treatments with other clinics but they didn’t work. The moxibustion therapy was amazing, leaving you feelings of with warmness and pleasant and taking the pain and swollen away at the same time. I really recommend this magical treatment with PJ Clinic. – John Williams

* I had to wear long-sleeve shirt and treasures in a hot summer day due to my psoriasis skin on with my arms and legs for the last twenty years. I am wearing my short now because most scurf and scars have gone away from my skin after a three-months treatment with moxibustion with PJ Clinic. More over, my friends said that I look much younger than my age due to my general new, younger skin all over my body. Magical treatments! Julie Scott

* Disclaimer: Many thanks to the clients who have given me such complimentary comments on my treatments. However, I announce here that those effects were achieved individually rather than universally. Anyone who has similar problems won’t be guaranteed to reach such treatment results. Please contact me for a free consultation.