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See you Thursday

This Thursday, we will perform

1) Follow me to exercise and improve our muscles and joints’ functioning.

2) Review Tai Chi Quan Form 1, 2, 3, 4. Learn Form 5 – Repulse like a monkey

3) Sitting exercise for our general health and self-healing. (Yoga mat

Recommendation: Take lemon and ginger drink to prevent from contracting
Covid virus.

Keep healthy and see you soon,

Ping x

See you Thursday

With the part one – warm up session, you will follow me to perform various exercises to animate our body and improve our general health.

Last week, we started to learn Form 1 (Part the Wild Horse Mane) and 2 (White Crane Spreads Its Wings) of Tai Chi Quan 24 Form. This week, we will review the two forms and make sire everyone can perform independently & skillfully.

During the section of rejuvenation, we’ll bring our body back to young and healthy via a various Dao Yin exercises. Please bring a yoga mat if you have or remember

The last section of the class is on a good life kit. I will introduce a simple self-massage for you to have a fast and sweat sleep at night.

Are you interested in it, then attend the class and follow me to practice health Qigong. I look forward to seeing you this Thursday at 5:30 in the Fishbourne Centre.