Everyday Prescription

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been originated from and developed through the process of people’s living and working over thousands years. Folk Prescription is a part of its importance. There might not be evidence-based but most are effective. Therefore, they have been preserved and come down. Fro m now on, one folk prescription will be provided here:

Mouth ulcer
Method: Apply a layer of soda powder onto the surface of ulcer.

Method: Wash your face with cold water rather than warm water. Hold a handful cold water close to our nose, and suck the water into the nose, then blow your nose to let the water out. Repeat several times. Do this for two weeks.

Car/sea sick
Method: Cover your belly button with a plaster during the journey (Contraindication for pregnant women)

Skin problems (most of skin problems applicable)
Method: Cut potato into thin slices; or squeeze potato into juice. Apply the potato slice or juice onto the problem skin.

Headache (all kinds of headache applicable)
Method: Row white radish juice. Drop 2 drops of the juice into both noses. Twice a day for 5 – 7 days. No pepper over the period.

* All the above can only be a reference but a guarantee. Please contact P J Health for an individual advice.

Gout Taking wax gourd soup for two weeks. Method: wax gourd 150g, peel the skin and get rid off the seeds, chop it into slices, add 500ml water, salt 5g, coriander, cook together to boiled. Eat the wax gourd and drink the soup.

Speckles Apply facial mask for two weeks. Method: Mix egg white 1 with tooth-paste (5cm length) and flour together to form facial mask; apply it onto the pace for 15 minutes. Wash the mask away with fresh water.

Hypertension Eat celery three days a week for three months to get rid off hypertension.

Mouth ulcer Apply honey onto the ulcer surface several times a day for four days.