Case studies

Acupuncture for Surgical Wound
Michael, 45, a surgical wound hadn’t healed for 2 years. The wound on the lateral of right lower leg, size of 7.3cmx6.8cmx4.8cm, with yellow and smelly discharge. Treated with acupuncture and moxibustion weekly for 14 times, the wound has completely healed.

Acupuncture for Shoulder Injuries
Chris H, 35 years old, had pain on his right shoulder with limited range of movement (ROM) due to injuries while playing rugby two years ago. Constant pain around his right shoulder and the ROM is about 95 degree. He was treated with acupuncture, cupping and tuina massage once. The pain disappeared and the ROM reached to 180 degree (the same ROM as his left shoulder) after the treatment instantly. The effect has kept the same after a-week follow-up.

Acupuncture for Migraine
Linder, 37 years old, had experienced a constant painful headache for a fortnight. Nothing would relieve it, and it prevented her from sleeping and she awoke with the pain across the forehead, crown and temple; She felt sick and blind when the pain was severe.  After a single acupuncture session the headache disappeared. There was 100% improvement.

Acupuncture and Menopause
Dawn, age 5o presented to the Clinic with daily hot flushes, irritability and night sweats. She was experiencing approximately five hot flushes a day lasting between 30 seconds and a minute. At night her sleep was disturbed and she woke with night sweats that soaked the bed linen.
After only one acupuncture session, the hot flushes and night sweats had ceased and her sleep undisturbed. On her second session, she had not experienced night sweats or hot flushes for a whole week.

Cosmetic Acupuncture: Facial Rejuvenation
Rose, age 40 worked in media and said she was becoming more concerned about her forehead wrinkles and felt that she had aged significantly in the last five years. After a course of cosmetic acupuncture, she felt visibly more attractive and work colleagues kept saying how well she looked. Her lines were less defined, her skin tighter, and her complexion improved.

Acupuncture for Back Pain/Sciatica
Brian, age 44 had suffered from lower back pain for 10 years but after a skiing holiday, he experienced sciatica. We used a combination of acupuncture, moxa ( a medicinal herb used to promote blood flow and relax the muscles). After 4 sessions, Richard was back at work and the sciatic pain had gone.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss
Lesley, age 36 was about to start an IVF programme and had been advised to lose weight in preparation for treatment. Her BMI was high and she admitted cravings for sweet foods. In Chinese Medicine, this can suggest an imbalance of the spleen energetics. We used acupuncture to supress food craving and to strengthen the digestive system. We changed the diet to include more protein, less fat and foods that were low in the glycaemic index. Christine lost weight sensibly through regular eating, acupuncture and exercise.

Acupuncture and Endometriosis
Charlotte, age 32 was diagnosed with primary infertility, a short luteal phase and peritoneal endometriosis (left uterosacral ligament). Her menstrual cycle ranged between 26 to 35 days and she experienced heavy periods, lasting over five days. Yvette committed to a three month acupuncture programme with The London Acupuncture Space and was on an NHS waiting list for fertility treatment. During this time, her periods regulated, became lighter in flow and her BBT chart reflected a longer luteal phase. After three months, she announced a positive pregnancy outcome.

Acupuncture for Hayfever
Tom, age 12 started suffering from hayfever age 10 and his main symptoms were itchy eyes and throat, watery eyes, and sneezing. He had only three sessions of acupuncture and symptoms reduced to such an extent whereby he no longer needed his medication.

Acupuncture for Breech Presentation
Jim, age 32 was referrred by her midwife to our Blackheath Clinic as her baby was in breech presentation at 33 weeks. We treated Kim with moxibustion and taught her the technique of using a moxa stick in the comfort of her own home with her partner. She informed me a week later that her midwife confirmed that the baby had turned.