Ageless Sitting Exercise

We are going to practise ‘Ageless Sitting Exercise’ from this Thursday onwards.

‘Ageless Sitting Exercise’ is a set of Dao Yin exercise. It is part of the Rejuvenation Dao Yin Shu, which has been practised by Chinese Taoism practitioners for over 1000 years. Taoism practitioners’ ultimate aim has always been to live a long lifespan or become eternal. It has been proved valuable in living longer and healthier with practising Dao Yin Shu.

The set of ‘Ageless Sitting Exercise’ consists of 24 forms daoyin exercises. It complies with four seasons – Spring, summer, Autumn and Winter; and it correspondents to human’s health benefits currently (Autumn) would be lung and kidney related problems such as skin,nose, ears, throat, bones, cold, back and legs pain, etc. Therefore, if you want to keep you young and healthy, or your need to get rid of you back, legs or knees pain, please join us this Thursday and you would find a fresh and new you afterwards.